School sports festivals in Japan

Every year, Japanses schools have sports festivals. Kids must join track meet, dance, and battles.

These battles are the main event of the festivals, and the most exciting event of the day.

Kibasen: Usually, entire school is divided in two teams, such as red team and white team. 4 kids make a group within the team. Three of them make a "horse" and the lighter weight kid ride that horse. The kid on the top must attack the opposite teams, and take their hat off.

Girls' kibasen: elementary school

Adults in blue shirts are the teachers, supervising those kids.
I remember back in the old days, battles were much fierce without any supervising. I used to get my T-shirts all ripped off, got many scratches on my arms. Some mean girls attack the girls they don't like, and make sure to grab thier hair. Crrrazy.

Fierce one on one battle of 5th grader:

knocking off the pole battle(Bou taoshi): Usually, entire school is divided in two teams. Within the team, there are pole holders and attackers. Attackers must go to the opponent team's home ground, and attack the pole. When the pole goes down to the ground, they loose the battle.

This is from Kaisei boys high school: Very fierce battle is going on.

Good defence.

Bouei University:

The man on top the pole has amazing balance technique. I've never seen this style before.

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