Funny photos: Japanese Train Sleepers

Looking at these pictures, you can tell how safe to travel on Japanese trains.

I used to sleep deeply on the trains. It's really nice and quiet. Just right amount of shaking make you feel like a baby. ZZZZZ

Bad thing is, you may miss your destination station. Don't worry, next train to get back to your destination will probably come within next 10 minutes.

sleeping on the Japanese train

I wonder why she sleeps on the floor. May be it was still too hot to sleep with their air conditioning. That's what my dog used to do.
sleeping on the Japanese train

Granpa may had a long walk in the park.
sleeping on the Japanese train

sleeping on the Japanese train

He may have studied too hard the night before. I can see mercy in the man's look. If it was me right next, I would have pushed him back to his space.
sleeping on the Japanese train

Funny photo: Totally wasted Japanese "salaryman"

A "salaryman" refers to a Japanese white collar worker. He works hard all day, sometimes without over time pay, to support his family. He hold on to his job to keep stable middle-class lifestyle.

His morning starts with jam-packed rush hour train, where he gets tumbled among the people anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour. Then, he usually stays at work over 10 to 15 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week.

He must be obedient to orders from the higher levels of the company, in order to keep the position he hold. It gets pretty stressful when his boss is an ass.

Since the economy started slowing down in Japan, he may be harassed by his wife over pay cut. She's probably a house wife, which is the most admired status for majority of Japanese woman. She's probably been complaining over him not spending enough time with the family.

He started avoiding going back home while she is awake to avoid listening her complaints. He stops by at the bar till the last train of the day.

That's my guess for this totally wasted Japanese salaryman guy in this picture.
So plese give him some mercy. LOL

wasted Japanese guy

OMG. He probably had a major back ache when he got up.

Funny photos: Funny dogs

For the dog lover people!
Here are some of my "funny dogs" photo collections.

Mama dog
mama dog
Baby ducks following mama dog.

A cute puppy sitting on a cat
A puupy sitting on a cat
Warm and nice cushion under his butt!

Sleeping dog
dog sleeping under a blanket
After long day of work, it's the happiest time of the day.

Cleaning dog
funny cleaning dog
Now a days, a dog must take care of his mess to be called "good boy."

Dog with funny face
funny face dog
I wonder if he's sleeping or dead.

Nervous K-9
funny nervous K-9
This 4 years old German shepherd found a missing kid safe and alive.
She received horner for her great performance at the Japanese police station where she works.
Whenever she gets nervous, she holds her trainer's hand.

nervous k-9
I love the way she sits.

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Genre : Photo

Funny photos: Photos of some things that look alike

Sometimes, you find similarities in totally different things.
Here are some examples circulating on Japanese internet.

funny photos from Japan
I'm wondering if he has a partial wig or real hair...

funny image from japan
I can see that.

funny image from japan
Very cute submarine

funny image from japan
They might be cousins.

funny potato

Funny sleeeping cats photos from Japan

I love collecting funny photos. Here are some sleeping cat ones.

lap top cat
Cats love warm laptop, I guess.

kotatsu heater cat
Inside of the kotatsu heater is cats' best napping spot.

sleeping cat

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