Japanese funny show: Kin-chan's Kaso Taisho

" Kin-chan's Kaso Taisho" started 1979, one of the long lasting semi-annual show, where amateur people including some kids perform short skits. Kin-chan is a Japanese old favorite comedian who hosts this show.

"Kasou" means cosutume, which participants can get really creative to show their unique styles. They also provide their own creative sets on the stages. These participants compete for the cash prizes. Whoever score highest points from the judge wins the grand prize of 2,000,000yen.

Ping pong matrix:

Karate master:

These are the past show favorites, voted by the viewers.

I used to really amazed by these creative people. To coordinate the movement so well,
they must have practiced for this show a lot. I admire their passions.

Backpack bomb from Takeshi's Owarai Ultra Quiz

"Takeshi's Owarai Ultra Quiz" was shown on TV 1989-1996.
Takeshi Kitano used to be the Japanese king of comedy back in the day. He's a multi-talented comedian, who directs movies, paints, and tap dance. He has a team of comedians called "gundan" who he supports till they get famous enough to earn their own living.

In this episode, if comedians gets wrong answer, they have to ware backpack bomb. Takeshi coments, "Why don't you just take the backpack off?" These loyal comedians keep the rules to make the show more exciting.

Police Vs Vader

Police Vs Vader

Japanese police men getting attacked by Darth Vader...hehehe

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