Crazy Videos: Japanese girls' drifting skills

These videos show Japanese girls who have mad drifting skills. Yes, girls wanna have some fun on the fast machines!

There are some girls' drifting festivals in Japan. Love for the racing cars are not only for the boys.

She really looks ordinary rather tamed girl at first, but her driving style is pretty aggressive.
Check this out:

I love the last part, she fix her hair, and changing her boots to high heels.
Girls won't forget to look good after the race.

These girls go on the country side drifting spot to master their skills.

They touch up their cars by themselves. These girls really love their machine!

Funny photos: Japanese Train Sleepers

Looking at these pictures, you can tell how safe to travel on Japanese trains.

I used to sleep deeply on the trains. It's really nice and quiet. Just right amount of shaking make you feel like a baby. ZZZZZ

Bad thing is, you may miss your destination station. Don't worry, next train to get back to your destination will probably come within next 10 minutes.

sleeping on the Japanese train

I wonder why she sleeps on the floor. May be it was still too hot to sleep with their air conditioning. That's what my dog used to do.
sleeping on the Japanese train

Granpa may had a long walk in the park.
sleeping on the Japanese train

sleeping on the Japanese train

He may have studied too hard the night before. I can see mercy in the man's look. If it was me right next, I would have pushed him back to his space.
sleeping on the Japanese train

Crazy videos: Japanese Extreme Rides "Kaizo" Cars

"Kaizo sha" means altered car. I found This crazy kaizo cars video on Youtube.

I know Japanese people get really crazy when it comes to being creative, but these are over the top. I wonder if they can really run fine without breaking these crazy decorations. Probably they do run fine. I guess.

Very last minute on this clip also have some decorated trucks. I knew there is a clture for truck drivers who decorates their beloved trucks with their favorite singer ladies, but these trucks really look like the "transformer."

May be these Japanese men grew up playing with transformer toys.

Japanese Extreme Rides:


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